Bumps, Babies & Back To Work

Updated: May 29, 2019

Nobody said that parenthood was easy – but they didn’t say just how hard it could be! Sure it’s amazing, and that little person you’ve made has brought with them so much joy - but carrying them may have also added some extra weight and that may be getting you down.

Feeding routines may disrupt your sleep pattern and that can leave you feeling exhausted. At times you can feel like you’re the only one in the world who is going through this, so it often helps to share stories with other new parents.

We are firm believers that anything can be solved with a ‘cuppa’ and a chat, so we invited our Group Mums in for our ‘maternity coffee morning’, so they could share their tales of bumps, bottles and bedtimes.

We realise that the thought of coming back to work can be daunting, and every new Mum feels differently about it. Our coffee morning was an opportunity for new Mums to discuss their available options.

The Mums said how nice it was to get the chance to come in and catch up with their colleagues, who popped in throughout the whole session to see their ‘bundles of joy’!

The Mums also said how much they appreciated the opportunity to discuss their return to work, and to find out about any changes that may have happened since they’d been on maternity leave.

Danielle Nash, our Employee Engagement Officer, was especially pleased with this event, she said:

“It was lovely to catch up with the girls and nice to see them swapping stories. I enjoyed hearing about their journeys as new parents and getting the chance to meet their little ones.
The thought of coming back to work, even for someone who is ready for it, can be stressful. Not having contact with work and feeling a little out of the loop can make that first day back feel scary, and we wanted to ease them back in, answer any questions they may have and genuinely just catch up with them!”

We will be holding regular maternity coffee mornings throughout the year in order to catch up with new Mums and Mums to be. If you want to find out when the next maternity coffee morning is, then feel free to ring HR and speak to Danielle.


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