Charity Themes For 2019

After years of donating the money we had raised to various charities across the UK, we began to realise that more than ever there was a need to support those living in our local area.

A need to support community schemes that rely solely on donations to continue running. A need to support local charities whose funding is regularly cut. A need to work together to tackle the issues faced by those struggling to get by in our community.

Last year, the money donated by our amazing employees made a real difference in our local area.

We started the year supporting local food banks. Food and money donated by staff was used to make up hampers for local families who were relying on foodbanks. We then collected hundreds of Easter Eggs, which were donated to children who may have otherwise not received one.

We purchased new school uniforms for children whose families could not afford them and donated furniture and equipment to the Newport homeless shelter. We ended the year supporting Age Connect Torfaen in their aim to alleviate the loneliness of some of the elderly in their community. We made up 91 hampers which were given to their service users at their Christmas parties!

The feedback we received from those who benefited from the various donations we made last year has more than justified our new approach to charity. So this year we are once again focusing on local charities and good causes to receive our support.

With the help of the Your Voice staff forum, the charity themes that have been selected for 2019 are:

Quarter 1: Children living with illness and disability

Quarter 2: Charities of the heart – Heart disease

Quarter 3: Animal charities and sanctuaries

Quarter 4: Armed forces and Veterans

The individual charities that are selected for each theme will be decided on throughout the year. If you have a charity or good cause you would like to be considered, then please speak to your forum representative who will bring it up for discussion at the Your Voice meetings.

With your continued donations, we look forward to another year of making real differences in the lives of those living alongside us...


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