Donation Made To Maes Ebbw School

Updated: May 29, 2019

Earlier in the year Your Voice forum representatives nominated Maes Ebbw School to receive support under the charity theme ‘Children living with illness and disability’.

The pupils at Maes Ebbw School range from 3-19 years of age, and they all have individual special educational needs. The school is currently fundraising to purchase a new mini bus, as their current bus is at the end of its useful life. The mini bus which they’re fundraising for will enable them to take pupils out into the local community, as well as on longer trips throughout the year. These outings help the pupils to develop their social skills and independence.

A new specially adapted mini bus will cost £32,000, and whilst they are hoping to secure a sponsor to raise half of the money, they still need to raise the remaining £16,000. The school has launched a fundraising programme for the year and are hoping to be able to raise all of the money by the end of 2019.

Last week we were invited to Maes Ebbw School to attend their “Celebrating Success” assembly where head teacher Nicola Allan announced that we had raised £1,500 for them, which would be used to help purchase their new bus. The teachers and pupils alike were all overjoyed with the donation and it was clear just how much the new bus would mean to them. We were then invited to stay for the whole assembly, which of course we did!

The pupils were recognised and rewarded for their successes that week; successes ranged from being kind to their classmates, having good communication or listening to their teacher. The whole school cheered and celebrated those who had won.

The head teacher then invited all the children whose birthday it was that week to the front of the hall, and the school sang Happy Birthday to them. Finally they sang a song of congratulations and praise, which was a really joyful celebration for the children of Maes Ebbw School!

As our employees rarely get to see first-hand what the money they raise is donated to, we often wonder whether they can truly appreciate how grateful those who receive the donations really are. Whilst they didn’t get to see the look on the children’s faces when the donation is announced, we did see this and we hope this article somehow describes how truly grateful and happy they were.

The head teacher, Nicola, expressed a further thanks to us for the donation:

“On behalf of all the staff and pupils at Maes Ebbw Special Needs School Newport, I would like to thank you and your organisation for raising and donating £1,500 to go towards our new mini bus.”

If anyone would like to donate to the school, they can either present a cheque to Maes Ebbw PSFA or alternatively visit the Just Giving Page


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