Giving Our Staff A Voice

Here at the We Plan Group, we believe in the power of effective communication between our employees and our management team. 

That’s why we recently launched our new staff forum, Your Voice, which will give both employees and management the opportunity to build a vocal bridge that will encourage communication across the business.

Meeting every month, the forum is comprised of representatives from every department. They will act as a voice for fellow employees, playing an integral part in influencing business decisions and raising employee concerns.

At each meeting, a senior member of staff will be present to help cascade information down from the CEO. This will help our employees understand the progress of the business and learn of other interesting things being planned.

The forum will also give our management team the opportunity to seek feedback on how business changes or processes are being received on the frontline. This will help to ensure the general well being of our employees is managed and nurtured.

At each session the representatives will be consulted on topics that could enhance the employee experience or how we operate in our community. For our first session we discussed financial education.

Representatives agreed that offering advice and support to our staff on how to manage their money could be really beneficial for them. So we are going to look at partnering with the Money Advice Service to provide information for our employees that will help them become better with money.

We also have a lot of employees who are looking to save for mortgages, or put money away to prepare for things like Christmas. So we discussed partnering with the Gateway Credit Union to offer our staff a payroll deduction service to help create a savings habit – which the representatives loved! As a result we are now in the process of setting up an open morning with Gateway Credit Union so staff can start saving right away! Savers using the payroll deduction scheme can apply for loans with Gateway at preferential rates

The representatives then put forward forum agenda items which had been brought to them by employees. Everything from shift patterns to staff fridges were discussed, nothing was off the table!

We heard from Payten Platon-Ramsden, who is the representative for Stephens Wilmot Solicitors:

“I think the staff forum is a fantastic platform for members of staff to efficiently and effectively communicate their ideas to the business.
I think that this will be a good way of increasing communication and improving staff morale”

Please don’t miss your opportunity to have your say on the things that matter to you at work. Speak to your representative today to put forward your points for discussion at the next meeting!


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