Great Start For Westfield Health!

At the start of the year we announced that we would be adding Westfield Health to our employee benefits package. Chorlton’s Members Club already offered discounts at a range of local fitness facilities. The health and well-being of our staff is of the utmost importance to us and the Westfield Health plan complemented this perfectly.

The plan offers employees cashback on various health treatments including private consultations, dental treatment and holistic therapies. Employees can also benefit from discounts with a number of online retailers through Westfield Rewards.

We are already receiving feedback about the success of the plans, and we thought we would share this with you all.

Liam Murphy works on our Quality department and was amazed at how quick and simple the plan was:

“I had my first dentist appointment at the start of the month then another last Thursday for some minor work at the dentist and the cost was £45. I submitted my claim to Westfield the same day that I had some dental work carried out. All I had to do was send them a picture of my receipt.
I had confirmation the following day stating that the claim had been accepted and would be paid out within 4 working days. The £45 was put back into my account after three working days!
Amazing service if you ask me, never ever thought it would be that quick and simple!”

Daniel Wilmot is a Director at our in-house solicitors firm, Stephens Wilmot Solicitors. He was also impressed by how quickly he was reimbursed for his dental treatment:

“I had a check-up and hygienist appointment at the dentist on Monday morning. The cost was £65. I submitted a claim for reimbursement Monday evening via the Westfield website.
They approved the claim by email on Tuesday and I received payment in my account by Thursday. Rather impressive!”

We are thrilled to learn of the success of the new plan, and HR Business Partner, Rhian Head, added:

“Employee health and wellbeing is very important to us here at We Plan Group.
I’m delighted to hear that a number of employees are already benefiting from the great service of the plan!”

We would love to hear about your success stories when using your Westfield Health plan. Drop us a message on our Get Involved page!


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