Healthy Hearts With Nuffield Health

Earlier this year we announced our charity themes, and as we move into the second quarter, we are proud to announce we will be supporting Charities of the Heart. Although the final decision over which charities we will be supporting has yet to be decided, we still wanted to raise awareness as to the importance of keeping your heart healthy.

Physical activity is not only great for you, but also improves your heart health. We invited in Nuffield Health (one of Chorlton's Members Club partners) to promote the importance of keeping your heart healthy.

Their team set up camp in one of our training rooms, and employees went along for a mini health MOT – checking their blood pressure and BMI. As we like nothing more than a bit of healthy competition, we organised a kettlebell challenge and the winner was the person who was able to hold out the kettlebell at arm’s length for the longest period of time.

Andrew Reynolds and Cloie Walshe won a free month’s pass to Nuffield Gym for them and a friend: Chris Taylor and Georgia Groves won an hours personal training session; and Kyle Smith and Lauren Scrivens won a week’s pass for them and a friend.

We hope all our winners enjoy their prizes, and would like to thank Nuffield Health for supporting the event and providing such amazing rewards for our staff. However, the point of the event, besides being a bit of fun, was to emphasise the importance of looking after your heart. The best way to do this is by leading a healthy lifestyle and here are just a few tips on how you can achieve that:

Quit smoking – Being smoke free is one of the best things you can do to protect your heart. We will shortly be running our second “Stop Smoking” campaign (in partnership with Stop Smoking Wales), for those employees looking to quit!

Exercise and weight management - Maintaining a healthy weight and taking regular, moderate physical activity can reduce the risk of heart disease and can help keep your weight under control. Chorlton's Members Club offer discounts at a range of local gyms and is available to all our employees.

Enjoy a balanced diet - Eating a varied diet of healthy foods can help with your weight, blood pressure and cholesterol. Reducing your salt intake is good for your blood pressure, and switching to unsaturated fats can reduce your risk of heart disease. Our on-site restaurant offers a variety of healthy dishes to help you maintain a healthy diet whilst you are at work.

For more information about the “Stop Smoking” campaign, or to find out how to sign up for Chorlton Members Club, speak to Danielle Nash. Also, don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled on social media for the charities that are selected to receive our donation for the second quarter!


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