Eden Gate Receives Our Support

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

We recently announced that our Your Voice forum members had, on behalf of the staff, chosen to support local homeless charity Eden Gate.

Eden Gate provides a range of services for those sleeping rough in Newport, including the Newport Night Shelter which runs over the winter months.

But homelessness doesn’t stop once winter has passed, and their goal was to provide a year round night shelter service for those living on the streets of Newport.

A grant was awarded to Eden Gate to renovate their facilities, which would enable them to host the shelter on their premises.

However, they also needed to refurbish their kitchen and cafeteria areas – and this is where our third quarterly donation of the year has gone!

We helped purchase cafeteria style tables and chairs, kitchen appliances and utensils. Not only are these used in Eden Gate’s 1st Contact and Sunday Munch projects, but they will be also be used when providing meals for those using the new Night Shelter Plus services. We also purchase a corner sofa, which will double up as a sofa bed for volunteers working at the shelter.

On Monday 10th December we were invited down to the grand re-opening of Eden Gate. Employee Engagement Officer, Danielle Nash, attended the event with forum representatives, Pamela Jakeway and Thomas Beard.

Jayne Bryant AM and John Griffiths AM marked the official opening by ceremoniously cutting the ribbon.

We then gathered in the newly reformed cafeteria facilities, which we helped to refurbish, for a few words from Chairman Harvey Philpott. He spoke about the need for this new service in Newport and thanked everyone involved in getting the project off the ground.

Pamela enjoyed being able to attend the event on behalf of her fellow employees:

“It was lovely to see what our charitable donations had contributed towards and the new facilities looked amazing.
It’s an impressive place with a wonderful ethos of hope and care, and above all there is an offer of kindness and friendship to those who need it most - especially at this time of the year.”

Thomas Beard helped us to deliver the items we had purchased, and was pleased to be able to see the finished result:

“I initially visited Eden Gate when assisting in delivering items we had purchased from our charity donations, which was a delight to participate in.
But it was during their grand re-opening that you could really tell how much our contribution meant to them, and will help them going forward.
It really is amazing when you see the money we’ve raised put to good use, and the difference that we’re making to those who need it most.”

Marc Hepton, General Manager at Eden Gate, told us how grateful they were for the donation we had made:

“Eden Gate is run on a shoestring. During the winter months 2 full time staff and one part time staff manage over 400 volunteers and a caseload of up to 12 service users at any one time.
The kitchen equipment and utensils will be used in our new fully functioning kitchen to prepare meals for those who are homeless.
The sofa bed will be used by our volunteers who will be involved in ‘sleepover shifts’ at our new Night Shelter Plus project.
We value our relationship with We Plan Group and are sincerely grateful for your continued support.”

It has been an honour to have been able to support a charity that does so much for those who have so little.

If you would like to support them, they are currently looking for volunteers for both their winter night shelter and the new Night Shelter Plus project. Visit their website to find out more.


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