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Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Last month we were approached by Claire Barter, an Employer Advisor from the Cwmbran Jobcentre. She was interested to see whether we would be happy to participate in their “Movement to Work” programme.

The programme aims to train young people in customer service, teaching them the skills that could lead to them becoming employed at the end of the course.

We are active members of our community and always try and support initiatives that will benefit those living in our area. We loved the idea of being able to work with our local job centre to try and support young adults into full time employment, so of course we agreed!

For our first Movement to Work programme we welcomed eight young adults between the ages of 18 – 25. Some of the group had previously been struggling to find employment due to a lack of skills, confidence, or both.

On their first day in the office the participants took part in ice breakers to help them relax into the group. They were then taught about the history of our business, and the various departments were explained to them.

During day two, they were sent out to see first-hand what life working for We Plan Group would entail. Sat side by side with employees on the phone to real customers, ‘buddying’ is an activity we have found helps new starters get a feel for the role they are about to embark on.

They then returned to our classroom training environment to look over our script. Using our quality assurance checks they marked existing employees’ calls. This technique, we have found, not only helps new starters understand why we follow the scripts we do - to make sure we are compliant – but is a way of learning the scripts in more detail.

On their third day with us, the group received customer service training to help teach them the skills they would need if they were employed as a sales advisor at We Plan Group. They each took an exam to test what they had learnt throughout the day.

Their final day comprised of an assessment centre.

This included group activities and role play, all designed to help us see how the participants would respond to challenges they may face throughout a working day. The day finished with an interview to apply for a full time role working with us here at We Plan Group.

Our Recruitment Manager, Hayley Harrison, discussed with us the success of the course:

“I was more than happy for our organisation to engage in such a rewarding and supportive programme, which enables young people the opportunity to enhance their skill sets and give them the confidence in future employment.
It was very satisfying to see the growth in each individual from the start of the programme to interview stage.
Out of the 8 participants who attended our 4 day programme, we were able to offer 6 full time positions - a 75% success rate! This is a fantastic outcome considering this was our first endeavour partaking in such a fulfilling programme.
As the programme was such a success, we are now looking at staging our second one at the end of February!”

Shauna Bright was looking for an office based job when her Jobcentre advisor told her about the Movement to Work programme:

“I was told about the programme on my first visit to the Jobcentre. To be honest I thought it might have been a bit boring, especially when they said it was a ‘classroom’ environment, but I have actually really enjoyed it!
It was great because the group all really jelled with each other and that took the pressure off us all. On the last day we had our interview and usually you would be really nervous but we were relaxed by this point and that made it a loss less nerve wrecking.”

We wish Shauna and all of the successful applicants the best of luck in their new careers with us here at We Plan Group. If you are interested in a career with We Plan Group, send your CV to today!


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