Staff Save For A Rainy Day With Gateway Credit Union

Our employees have been given the opportunity to save some cash for a rainy day thanks to a credit union scheme.

We recently teamed up with Gateway Credit Union, which has 8 offices all across Monmouthshire and Torfaen, to offer a payroll deduction scheme. The aim is to help support our staff in saving for the future. 

Representatives from the union came into the office for an open day, and offered staff the chance to deduct a chosen sum from their wage each month to be automatically transferred into a savings pot.

Staff can change the amount they save, or cancel the arrangement, at any time. They can also make extra payments using the union’s flexible alternative payment methods.

Sara Burch, General Manager at Gateway Credit Union, said:

“We are really pleased with the amount of employees that have shown interest in signing up to the payroll deduction scheme today."

Development Representative Martine Slattery added:

“The scheme is easy to sign up to, and simple to maintain and change. We’re also currently working on an app to be launched in the near future which will make keeping track of your Gateway Credit Union savings even more convenient.”

Danielle Nash, Employee Engagement Officer, commented on the benefits of the scheme for our employees:

 “Everyone has a different reason to save, whether it’s for Christmas, a special event or just a rainy day, but this scheme allows employees the opportunity to build up savings without even realising. 
We had over 20 employees sign up on the day which is fantastic.”

To sign up for the Gateway Credit Union savings scheme, or to simply find out some more information, speak to our Danielle today!


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