Staff Start Their Quit Journey

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

This week six willing We Plan Group employees embarked on a journey that will test their strength, determination and will power – they started their quit journey. 

Stop Smoking Wales is a specialist health service that provides sessions for smokers who want help to give up. They have offered our staff a seven week programme to try and help them quit once and for all. 

The sessions use cognitive behavioural therapy to try and get to the root of why the group smokes.  Through the programme they will also have access to a range of quit smoking aids, including nicotine replacement.

The first meeting was a group occasion in which staff got to know Ann, their support guide throughout the course. 

The group filled out all the necessary forms and discussed the set up for the programme, before they delved a little deeper into their smoky pasts! Many of the group have smoked for well over a decade citing stress and the social element of smoking as their main reasons for lighting up. 

Some of the group admitted to frequently go through at least ten cigarettes a day, which can cost them up to £200 a month - now if that’s not a reason to quit we don’t know what is! However, the general consensus of the group was that they were quitting to improve their health.

Whilst they were excited about the prospect of being smoke free, the group knew that it wasn’t going to be an easy ride.  However, after their first session they felt they were going to be supported which would help make the process that bit easier.

Going forward the group will get one to one sessions with Ann. This is so they can have the personal support and space needed to look a little deeper at the reasons why they smoke. 

We will be catching up with the group at the end of the course to find out how they found it and more importantly if they have managed to stay smoke free.

If successful we will be rolling out the programme again in the New Year for those employees who also want to kick their habit!


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