Stop Smoking Support Continues

We take our employees’ health and wellbeing seriously, which is why we have centred our rewards culture around holistic healthcare. Our benefits programme, Chortlon’s Members Club, offers discounted memberships at a range of local gyms.

What’s more, each We Plan Group employee can enjoy a Westfield Health Plan on us! These are just some of the things we have done to try and encourage our employees to live a healthy lifestyle.

As we all know smoking kills, and unfortunately that gets in the way of the new, improved, healthier version of ourselves we have been working on at the gym (that we pay a discounted price for).

That is why we continue to run our Stop Smoking programmes!

Once again, we are pleased to announce that, with the support of Help Me Quit, we have helped six of our long term smokers kick the habit once and for all!

Carol Robinson works in our claims management department, and she wanted to express her thanks to the company for arranging the Stop Smoking sessions:

“I have really enjoyed the programme, and both the individual and group sessions were great. I particularly liked the fact that we were in a group, because we could all give each other support when we were struggling.
Our mentor Ann was absolutely wonderful! She was really supportive and very positive, even when I re-lapsed a couple of time. I won’t lie, the first few weeks were a struggle, which I expected, but it got easier each week.
I would like to thank We Plan Group for arranging this for us! I still cannot believe I am now a non-smoker!”

We will continue to run these programmes until everyone who wants to quit smoking has done so. If you are interested in taking part in our next group then please speak to our Employee Engagement Officer, Danielle Williams.


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