We've Been Nominated For A Credit Union Award!

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Today is International Credit Union Day! Supported by the Welsh Government, the Credit Unions of Wales hosted its annual award ceremony which was attended by our HR Business Partner, Rhian Head, along with Sean Spokes, one of our Your Voice representatives.

Credit Unions of Wales is a group of the 18 credit unions that work to improve levels of savings and promote the access of affordable credit facilities.

The awards celebrate the valuable contribution made by credit union volunteers, members, schools and partner employers to the ongoing success of the credit union movement in Wales.

We were invited along to the ceremony, held at the Pierhead building in Cardiff bay, as we were nominated for Private Sector Payroll Partner!

This is after an open day with Gateway Credit Union earlier in the year resulted in over 20 members of staff signing up to the payroll deduction savings scheme. 

Rhian Head spoke to us about the importance of our relationship with Gateway: 

“We have been delighted to partner with Gateway Credit Union and will shortly be hosting our second drop in session to sign up savers.  
Many of our employees who became savers through payroll deductions have been surprised and delighted at how much they have put to one side for Christmas after just a few months.
Financial worries can contribute towards mental health, and encouraging our teams to become regular savers through the Payroll deduction scheme is a key part of our wellbeing policy.”

Craig Morgan was one of those who came along to the open day with Credit Union:

“I set myself up with two different savings accounts. They were so easy to set up and they’re so easy to use. 
I have one standard saver which I can access when I want – which can be a good thing and a bad thing! But then I also have one specifically for saving up for Christmas which I cannot touch! 
The good thing is I can control how much I put away each month. So if I’m struggling I can put less in and if I have a bit spare at the end of the month I can put a little more away! They’re great!”

Kate Jackson is another of our savvy savers:

“I signed up for the credit union to help with Christmas. It helps as a single mum to keep up with the demands of my kid’s requests, so the saving scheme gives me room to breathe because I know I have been putting money away throughout the year.
I will definitely be continuing with this next year as it’s a fantastic way to save. I don’t even notice the money leaving my wages which is an added bonus.”

If you would like more information about becoming a saver with the credit union, speak to Danielle Nash, or keep your eyes peeled for our next open day with Gateway.


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