Xercise4Less Open Day

Due to the nature of our business many of our employees can end up leading a rather sedentary lifestyle during their working day. That’s why, to offset this, we try to encourage them to remain fit and active outside of work. 

Our unique staff benefits package, Chorlton’s Members Club (CMC), offers our employees discounts at a range of businesses, including a number of local gyms. 

Xercise4Less is the latest addition to CMC, so we recently invited them in for an open day to showcase our new relationship. 

The event fell on a Friday, which is the day our employees pay £1 to wear casual clothes to work. In keeping with the fitness theme, we encouraged staff to wear sportswear. The £1 collected for dress down then contributed towards our back to school collections. The money raised from the sportswear dress down will go towards buying the PE kits requested by the families we are supporting in the campaign.

Set up in one of our training rooms, Xercise4Less offered free protein tasters to all who attended the event. Attendees could have their blood pressure, BMI and body fat percentage measured using special equipment brought in by the gym.  Personal trainers were on hand to offer nutritional and fitness advice to those looking to improve their fitness levels.

Staff also had the chance to take part in one of three fitness challenges at the event. 

The plank challenge was a test to see who could stay in a plank position for the longest. Jacob Hillman stole the show with an impressive 4 minutes and 41 second plank, holding it for over a minute longer than any other participant.

The press up challenge was a test to see who could do the most press ups in one minute. Matthew Jones won the challenge with 58 press ups in a minute, narrowly beating Callum Thomas who fell just short at 55.

The wall squat challenge was a test to see who could hold their squat for the longest. Gareth Pocock managed a very commendable 3 minute 48 second squat beating all fellow participants to the winners spot.

Each of our winners were awarded with a £20 voucher for JD sports. They also each received an Xercise4Less gym bag and t-shirt, protein powders and supplements, all of which were kindly donated as prizes from Xercise4Less.

Additionally, everyone who attended the event received a day pass to try out Xercise4Less’ facilities for free, and entered into a draw to win a year’s free membership.

If you are thinking about joining Xercise4Less simply show your work badge when you sign up to receive a special discounted membership rate.


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