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A cover letter is a great way to sell yourself in greater detail, support your CV, and explain why you are applying for a particular role. Use the following template to help you determine the appropriate length, style and format of your cover letter.



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Dear Sir/Madam/Mr./Ms. - Do not use the latter two unless you have a contact person's name.

Body of Cover Letter - The body is the main content of the cover letter, which incorporates several paragraphs outlining all of the relevant information produced by the candidate applying for the specific job role. Each paragraph should demonstrate a different theme that essentially tells the employer the reasons why you believe that you are the right person to fill the vacancy. An example of how these paragraphs should be styled is broken down and listed below.

The First Paragraph should be short so that your intentions stand out. Here, you should mention the job you are applying for and (if applicable) the contact you have within the company. If you are not applying for a specific job, it is still important to state that you are seeking employment.

The Middle Paragraph(s) is where you can elaborate on what is already exhibited in your CV. Here you have the opportunity to make a case for your qualifications and skills in relation to the job role. We also advise that you present your experiences and interests that you believe are relevant to the vacancy, and keep your non-relevant details to a minimum. As this part of the cover letter is most likely to be the longest, we advise you break it down into several paragraphs.

The Last Paragraph should thank the employer for their time in reading your application and if there are any further queries to get in touch with you via the most appropriate form of contact that you are most comfortable with.

Closing - For your closing statement of the cover letter, end with something courteous but one that you feel comfortable with, such as "Sincerely," or "Respectfully Yours."


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